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Shaft drill jumbo BUKS-B-1-MA (BUKS- 1-MA analog) and spare parts

Shaft drill jumbo BUKS-B-1-MA  is designed for mechanized drilling of blast holes with sinking of vertical shafts  with a diameter of 5.5 to 9 meters with shaft bucket holes in sinking platform with a diameter of 1600 mm or more.

Setting is applied, complete with tunnel complexes having mechanized driving, which can provide the movement of set on mining face. System is equipped with hammer type of M-2 (or drill bit BGA-2M) and can be used for rocks drilling with fortress up to 12 units. Scale prof. Protodjakonova.

General technical data

Technical drilling performance - not less than 0.9 m / min

Stroke of the sliding columns - not less than 150mm

Sliding columns speed - not less than 0.025 m / s

Perforator feeding speed (drill head) idle for forward and reverse motion - not less than 0.05 m / s

Number of same time drilling holes - 4 pieces

Holes diameter - 42-52 mm

Holes depth - not more than 4200 mm

Installed capacity - not less than 36.5 kW

Stroke feeder - 4500 mm

Operating air pressure - 0.5-0.6 MPa

Compressed air average consumption - 0,66-1 m3 / s

Water consumption for washing the strokes - 100 l / m

Method of supplying water in mixer taps - air intake

A method of supplying water on platform - shaft tubes or shaft buckets

Way to move the installation when drilling - KS machine(telpher)

Way of settings standing whendrilling - central column sliding the telpher and shaft face

Distance from the tunnel platform to the shaft face - not more than 13m

Overall dimensions: height - 10.26 m, diameter circumscribed circle - 1.54 m

Weight of the complete setting - no more than 6.5 tonnes